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5/29: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 5:05pm PDT


Ichiro RF Matthews Jr. CF Lopez 2B Young SS Ibanez LF Teixeira 1B Sexson 1B Blalock 3B Everett DH Nevin DH Beltre 3B Mench LF Johjima C DeRosa RF Bloomquist CF Barajas C Betancourt SS Kinsler 2B ----------                  ----------

Washburn (3-5, 4.04)        Rheinecker (0-0, 4.50)

Jarrod Washburn has been awful away from Safeco Field so far this year, and has a career 6.56 ERA in Arlington. John Rheinecker looks like the Eater of Souls. Tonight stands a pretty good chance of being real ugly.