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5/28: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 11:20am PDT


Ichiro RF Ford RF Lopez Designated Bunter Castillo 2B Ibanez LF Mauer DH Sexson 1B Hunter CF Beltre DH Cuddyer RF Morse 3B Morneau 1B Bloomquist CF Redmond C Rivera C Rodriguez 3B Betancourt SS Punto SS ---------- ----------

Pineiro (4-5, 5.25)         Santana (4-4, 3.42)

Probably best that I throw this up now, in case I'm not up in time in the morning. Despite an awful team defense, Johan Santana has been arguably the best starting pitcher in the AL so far this season. Despite a really good team defense, Joel Pineiro hasn't. If there's any good news here, it's that the Mariner lineup has been absolutely putrid against lefties so far this season, to the tune of a .603 OPS. So, uh, yeah.

I'll say one thing: given expectations, this game has a remarkably low probability of being a disappointment.