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5/26: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 5:32pm PDT


Ichiro RF Kubel LF Lopez 2B Castillo 2B Ibanez LF Mauer C Sexson 1B Hunter CF Everett DH Cuddyer RF Beltre 3B Morneau 1B Johjima C White DH Bloomquist CF Batista 3B Betancourt SS Castro SS ---------- ----------

Hernandez (3-5, 5.84)       Liriano (2-0, 2.96)

In 51 Major League innings, Francisco Liriano has 70 strikeouts, 14 walks, a 2.10 GB/FB ratio, and a 2.12 xFIP. It would almost be a privilege to be shut out by this guy.