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5/2: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 5:10pm PDT


Ichiro RF Stewart LF Bloomquist CF Castillo 2B Ibanez LF Mauer C Sexson 1B Hunter CF Everett DH Ford RF Beltre 3B Morneau 1B Johjima C Batista 3B Lopez 2B White DH Betancourt SS Punto SS ---------- ----------

Washburn (2-3, 3.51)        Santana  (1-3, 4.45)

According to Win Probability Added, Jarrod Washburn has been the most valuable Mariner player to date, just ahead of Rafael Soriano. He'll have to continue having that kind of success tonight if he wants to have a shot at winning, although against a pathetic Minnesota lineup, that's not real hard to imagine happening. Remember when the M's jumped on Santana early in the second game of the season last year, only to see everything fall apart with Matt Thornton's fifth-inning relief appearance? Me too, now.