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LL Night @Cheney

Saturday, May 27th
Cheney Stadium
6:05pm PDT First Pitch
vs. Colorado Springs
Directions to the park

If you're planning on attending, just follow these simple instructions:

-E-mail Devin (click CONTACT DEVIN on the side menu and make sure to change the (at) to an @ sign in the message) and let him know you're for sure coming or at least pretty sure you'll be attending. Please make sure you mention your name if it's not obvious from the email address and if you'll be bringing any guests
-Coordinate some sort of transportation to the stadium
-Get there ~20-30 minutes before the game starts
-Purchase individual tickets in Reserve Seating Section D (third base side, $7 per)
(-It won't be packed, even if it is Home Run Bear giveaway day, so if for whatever reason you wind up with tickets somewhere else, it shouldn't be any problem to walk over and grab a vacant seat)
-Enter stadium
-Find us in Reserve Seating Section D
-Hang out, mingle, eat, watch baseball, and pick up a handful of inside jokes to be repeated ad nauseum over the next several days on the site, much to the chagrin of those who didn't attend

The whole "find us" thing seems needlessly unclear and annoying, but seriously, it shouldn't be hard, even for those of you who have no idea what Devin and I look like. We'll try to sit at the top of the section away from the rest of the crowd before the game starts to stand out, and while neither of us knows what we'll be wearing a week and a half from now, chances are there'll be a Mariner logo somewhere (unless donning such apparel makes us feel embarrassed, which is likely).

We'll be sure to post any changes or updates on the front page of the site as the day approaches. We also highly recommend that you log onto LL before getting in your car to make the trip to Cheney in case it's raining and we have to reschedule. Should that be the case, we'll post something about it as soon as we know.

It'll be a good time. Hope to see you there.