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5/12: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Ichiro RF Figgins 3B Lopez 2B Cabrera SS Ibanez LF Guerrero RF Sexson 1B Anderson LF Everett DH Salmon DH Beltre 3B Rivera CF Johjima C McPherson 1B Reed CF Napoli C Betancourt SS Kennedy 2B ---------- ----------

Pineiro (4-2, 3.72)         Escobar (4-2, 2.78)

American League ranking of Anaheim's team offense:

BA: 12th
OBP: 14th
SLG: 13th

Casey Kotchman's mono has reduced the current lineup to Vlad And Pretty Much Nobody Else, with Guerrero and Tim Salmon being the only big pieces with OPS' north of .780. Who better to have going against this steaming pile of crap than the reigning AL Player of the Week?