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5/10: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 1:35pm PDT


Hollins RF Ichiro RF Crawford LF Lopez 2B Gomes DH Ibanez LF Huff 3B Sexson 1B Wigginton 2B Everett DH Hall C Beltre 3B Lee 1B Bloomquist CF Perez SS Rivera C Gathright CF Betancourt SS ---------- ----------

Kazmir (4-2, 3.43)          Moyer (1-2, 3.68)

It seems like every team has at least one guy who has historically just beat the living snot out of Moyer. Tampa Bay is no exception, as Wade Boggs, Tom Goodwin, and Fred McGriff are a combined 42-112 (.375) against the southpaw with four homers. Look for Jamie to pitch around the lineup core and go hard after Roberto Alomar, who's never been able to touch him.