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Marcos Carvajal Traded

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Press release:

Seattle Mariners Executive Vice President & General Manager of Baseball Operations Bill Bavasi announced today that the Mariners have acquired right-handed pitcher Jose De La Cruz from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in exchange for right-handed pitcher Marcos Carvajal.

As expected, Carvajal was dealt for a prospect who doesn't need to be placed on the 40-man roster. De la Cruz is a 23 year old right-handed reliever and converted catcher who spent all of last season in the low-A Midwest League, putting up a 3.94 ERA and 60:35 K/BB in 61.2 innings. Throw in a 0.88 GB/FB ratio for good measure and you have all the makings of a guy who's probably never going to make it (Edit: although, now that I know he's new to the mound, at least he's somewhat interesting.).

I have to plead ignorance on de la Cruz's repertoire, so as far as I know he could be one of those guys with terrific stuff that just hasn't translated into good numbers so far, but this certainly looks like a clear loss of a trade. Carvajal's younger, has a better track record, is pitching at a higher level, and has earned considerable more praise from scouts and statheads alike. It's a shame he had to go, especially like this, but as Bavasi said after DFA'ing the guy, he was caught in a roster crunch and someone had to be sacrificed. He had zero leverage, so the result was inevitably going to be a disappointing trade. And there it is.

So much for the Torrealba steal, I guess. If you're keeping track, this makes Torrealba --> Carvajal/Gonzalez --> de la Cruz/Quiroz.

Update: Just for fun, let's go back a little further. Piniella/Perez --> Winn --> Foppert/Torrealba --> Foppert/Carvajal/Gonzalez --> Foppert/de la Cruz/Quiroz. Weeeee...