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4/4: Open Game Thread

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Because I don't feel like waiting.

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Figgins 3B Ichiro RF Cabrera SS Lopez 2B Guerrero RF Ibanez LF Anderson LF Sexson 1B Rivera DH Beltre 3B Erstad CF Everett DH Kotchman 1B Johjima C The Bad Molina C Reed CF Kennedy 2B Betancourt SS ---------- ---------- Lackey (0-0, -.--) Pineiro (0-0, -.--)

With any luck, John Lackey went out last night and celebrated his contract extension a little too hard, leaving him in no shape to pitch very well. I'd say that would make the game a coin flip, since Joel Pineiro and a hung-over and actively vomiting John Lackey are approximate equals.

Also, Photoshop contest! For those interested, I'd like to see you take eponymous coward's "Rally Dinosaur" idea and run with it. The winner will get to watch me take credit for the image while it gets linked in game threads whenever appropriate. Go nuts.