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4/28: Open Game Thread

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First Pitch: 4:05pm PDT


Ichiro RF Roberts 2B Lopez 2B Mora 3B Ibanez LF Tejada SS Sexson 1B Gibbons RF Everett DH Hernandez C Johjima C Millar DH Beltre 3B Patterson CF Reed CF Conine 1B Betancourt SS Markakis LF ---------- ----------

Meche (1-1, 5.06)           Cabrera (1-2, 6.87)

I've spent pretty much the entire afternoon kicking back and listening to Mitch Hedberg. Which ordinarily would have absolutely nothing to do with the game, except that in this case I highly recommend it as an alternative to the Gil Meche Experience, since one is guaranteed to be enjoyable while the other can't make any promises about being any less than horrifying. Also, for those of you who are fans of quick games, I've got bad news:

Pitches per Inning:

Cabrera: 21.1 (t1st in baseball)
Meche: 19.0 (t4th)

This could take a while.