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IMPORTANT UPDATE! A poll is included at the bottom of this post (click Entry Link) to see if more people would prefer Friday or Saturday.

Do you:

-enjoy minor league baseball?
-know what "Tacoma" and "Cheney Stadium" are?
-have a vague idea of how to read a calendar and plan things in advance?
-get a kick out of watching baseball with two guys who can't get over the sound of their own voices?

If so, then we've got the event for you - the "second" annual Lookout Landing Night at Cheney Stadium. ("Second" is in quotes because, as those of you who attended last year can probably remember, we assumed a rainout and bailed, only finding out that a game had actually been played after spending about four hours eating and chatting at The Ram.)

This year's gathering has been tentatively scheduled for Friday, May 26th. The Rainiers will take on Colorado Springs at 6:05, and the game will be followed with a fireworks presentation to entertain those of you who are either four years old or who choose to bring their kids (due to adult situations and foul language, neither is recommended).

Why Tacoma, you ask? A few reasons - it's cheaper, it's different, it's easier to plan, it's more laid back, and there's no Gil Meche. The more you think about it, the more it makes total sense.

So come hang out with Devin, me, and other readers to eat, mingle, and watch a Mariner affiliate who'll actually be playing for something. Whether we let everyone buy their own tickets and meet somewhere inside the park or organize a group function through the box office will depend on the response, so please let us know fairly soon (through comments or email) if you'd be interested in attending.

Further updates will be posted as necessary in the coming weeks. Hope to see a lot of you there.