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4/21: Open Game Thread

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First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT

Polanco 2B Ichiro RF Monroe CF Lopez 2B Rodriguez DH Ibanez LF Ordonez RF Sexson 1B Thames LF Johjima C Shelton 1B Everett DH Guillen SS Beltre 3B Inge 3B Bloomquist SS Wilson C Reed CF ---------- ----------

Maroth (2-0, 0.73)         Washburn (1-2, 5.00)

Supposedly, there's going be more than 85 people in Safeco tonight. Let's hope Willie can still hear the fans, though.

Mike Maroth is due to have some trouble, after all, he's Mike Maroth. So, as Modest Mouse would say: "We were done, done, done with all the fu, fu, fu*kin' around!"

And, of course, as Jeff would say: LET'S GO MARINERS!!