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4/15: Open Game Thread

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First Pitch: 10:20am PDT


Ichiro RF Stern CF Lopez 2B Cora 2B Ibanez LF Ortiz DH Sexson 1B Ramirez LF Beltre 3B Youkilis 3B Everett DH Snow 1B Reed CF Pena RF Rivera C Bard C Betancourt SS Gonzalez SS ---------- ----------

Pineiro (1-1, 5.40)         Wakefield (1-1, 6.52)

Ortiz/Manny vs. Joel: .425 with five homers in 40 AB
Sexson/Beltre vs. Wakefield: .100 with one homer in 20 AB
Mike Blowers vs. Wakefield: .500 with three homers in 14 AB

Let's hope Mike Hargrove is in the mood to make some radical changes to his lineup today.

Prediction game has two parts: does Joel make it out of the fifth? And will the Mariners have the lead when he gets the hook?