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With Matt Lawton returning today, the Mariners will have to bump someone off the 25-man roster to make room. According to John Hickey, the most likely victim of the roster crunch is Joe Borchard, although there is an outside shot that the team goes with 11 pitchers and sends Jeff Harris back to Tacoma instead. Roberto Petagine, for all intents and purposes, is here to stay, at least for the semi-long term.

Borchard, as you know, is out of options and would have to be passed through waivers upon his removal from the active roster. As a guy with a ton of physical tools who's still reasonably young, he seems like a virtual lock to get claimed, so today could very easily end up his last day as a Mariner. We'll know for sure in a few hours.

(Note that I've been wrong the whole time, that nobody has to be DFA'd to make room for Lawton. Apparently he did remain on the 40-man roster while suspended, which I didn't think was the case.)

In other news from the same article, here's a shocker:

Jarrod Washburn is more than willing to pitch up in the strike zone, where many pitchers fear to go.

Gosh, it's almost like they have a reason for never going there.