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Not That It Matters

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...but the Mariners beat the AAA Portland Beavers 6-1 last night in front of 19,579 people who had nothing better to do. Matt Tuiasosopo, Adrubal Cabrera, and Kenji Johjima each drove in runs, and that's pretty much all I know about the game, since pretty much nobody cared enough to cover it. Which is fine, because why would they? Later today, Gil Meche will get the start in an afternoon game against the Rainiers, hoping to impress as he looks ahead to his inevitable demotion. Rich Dorman and Aaron Looper will also take to the hill. No idea who's pitching for Tacoma, although I imagine their scheduled group of arms looks better than Seattle's.

In other news, judging strictly by the tone of the articles and his recent quotes, it sounds to me like Jeremy Reed's recovery process will take him a little beyond Opening Day, so Joe Borchard should get at least a handful of starts before getting padlocked to the bench. When Reed does return, though, apparently he'll be the one batting behind Ichiro instead of Yuniesky Betancourt, an idea of which I totally approve. So that's neat.