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Third Verse, Same As The Second (And First)

Pasted by San Diego again. 13-7, this time. What follows is a list of Mariner pitchers who have already made appearances in which they allowed as many or more runs than they had innings pitched (minimum: 2 R):

Kevin Appier
Clint Nageotte
Scott Atchison
Yorman Bazardo
Emiliano Fruto
Luis Gonzalez
Julio Mateo
Dave Burba
Renee Cortez
Jeff Heaverlo

That's ten pitchers in four games. Said Mike Hargrove:

"It's the same old record and I'm getting tired of playing it...It's still early. We've got to keep telling ourselves that. But there comes to a point in time where that excuse no longer works."


Anyway, no, I'm not going anywhere with this post, since I didn't bother tuning in to the game. If the box score tells us anything, it's that Todd Sears and Seth Green are trying hard as if they have an actual shot at a roster spot, which is cute. Jarrod Washburn's debut went well in that he didn't take a comebacker off the beak, but it also went poorly in that he didn't do anything to trigger the automatic self-destruct device built into his contract, so we'll call it a wash.

Bobby Livingston's scheduled to start tomorrow, although he might get bumped for Appier if his stiff neck isn't feeling better. Matt Thornton, Jake Woods, and George Sherrill will also make appearances, as Mike Hargrove gets forgetful if his competing bullpen lefties don't all pitch in sequence.