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Thursday Box Scores

No time to do much more than offer links and a brief summary, so here you go:

Joel Pineiro and the Tacoma Rainiers lost to San Diego, 8-2. Pineiro did his part to quell trade rumors, lasting six innings only because this was a meaningless ST game; he put twelve men on base, fanned just one, and let seven Padres cross the plate. Can't really complain about the 12:5 GB/FB ratio, though. Interesting note: the three unearned runs Joel has allowed this spring are three more than he allowed all of last season. Nothing else of significance really happened...Putz and Guardado showed up to throw an inning apiece, and Raul Ibanez tripled in his only AB, but that's about it. Most of the lineup'll be PCL-bound in a matter of days.

Later on, a bunch of starters flew to Vegas and beat the Dodgers, 4-3. Apparently the minor league lineup got the Major League pitchers and the Major League lineup got the minor league pitchers. It could've been a lot worse, though, as Cha Baek and a host of relievers limited LA to ten baserunners and three runs through nine. Jeff Harris tossed a pair of scoreless innings in an effort to improve his chances of making the team, fanning two while walking one and allowing two hits. As far as the offense was concerned, Kenji Johjima hit his second homer of the spring, and Yuniesky Betancourt upped his average to .300 with a two-hit day (one of five Mariners to reach base twice). It's just too bad that Betancourt can't manage to keep himself on base once he reaches - he was caught stealing for the fourth time today, giving him something like a 58-104 success ratio going all the way back to his days in Cuba (he did manage to steal third successfully earlier in the game). This is a guy who just needs to be satisfied with first base.

Rafael Soriano, Jake Woods, Julio Mateo, Scott Atchison, Jon Huber and Mike Flannery will pitch against the AAA Portland Beavers tomorrow afternoon. In more important news, Felix is going to throw a bullpen on Saturday, and looks good to make his scheduled start against Oakland on April 7th.