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May I Just Say

...that this whole Jeremy Reed thing really really sucks (out 6-8 weeks, broken wrist), because starting the year with Joe Borchard or Willie Ballgame in center field isn't a great way to kick off a march to 80+ wins. It could've been worse, I guess, but still, damn.

From about a month and a half ago:

Jeremy Reed has been a durable player for most of his career, but when he injured his wrist running into a wall last summer, I think we all realized that his style of play is conducive to more than its fair share of DL stints. Whenever you have a guy who dives all over the place with such careless disregard for his own body so often, you're going to have to worry about him hurting himself and missing a few weeks of action. It's not a big problem, and certainly nothing like that black cloud that haunts Chris Snelling in his sleep, but it's something to consider.

Perhaps all that grit, hustle, effort, and hard-nosed determination isn't worth the downside after all. Jeremy really ought to slow down, or at least start paying closer attention to Ichiro and taking notes, since he seems immune to even the most minor aches and pains. People don't talk about it very often, but there's a right way and a wrong way to be a balls-to-the-wall kind of player, and right now Reed isn't helping himself by fielding like a crazy person.

Get better soon, Jeremy. We'll need you.