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Sunday Box Score

I'm all jetlagged and not really up for thinking that much, so I'll just link you elsewhere and tell you that the Rockies beat the Mariners 8-5 thanks to an awful appearance by Jesse Foppert. Also, Jose Lopez singled, which is important, because yesterday Mike Hargrove said that Fernando Vina "looked good" in going 0-3 with four putouts, so the pressure's apparently all on Lopez again. But we don't play favorites. Cody Ransom - whose last name is one letter away from being an accurate, if subtle reflection of his relative uniqueness in the greater baseball player pool - doubled twice to up his batting average to .300, which is an historic achievement for a guy of his ability, but when he tried to recover the ball for sentimental purposes he threw it away and cost the Giants the NL West. No, I won't let that go.

Joel Pineiro goes against Oakland tomorrow around midday. Also, the WBC championship starts at six, and that should be a good time. Hell, if any of you are actually in the San Diego area, you should consider heading over to Petco, because I don't think it'll be sold out, and it'd make for one heck of an experience. Why not? Otherwise, just watch. That's fine too.