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Intersquad Baseball Is Underway

I wasn't nearly as excited as many of you probably were about today's charity game against San Diego, so I don't plan on going to any length in discussing it, but hey, here's a box score. Go nuts.

Things that I'll still point out:

  • Felix struck out the side (Roberts, Cameron, and Giles) in the only inning he pitched. You know those Chuck Norris facts? Yeah, feel free to put Felix's name in his stead.

  • LL favorite Justin Leone kicked off his spring with a 2-2 day. If anyone has to make a habit of beating up on Mariner pitchers, I'd prefer that it be either Leone or guys on my fantasy team.

  • Kevin Appier allowed five baserunners and a pair of runs in two innings, giving up a homer to a guy whose weight is, by conservative standards, roughly equivalent to that of a brontosaurus. This is a step up from Appier's first appearance, the duration of which was too short to be quantified by modern analytical instrumentation.

  • I can't be the only guy hoping that Corky Miller somehow beats out Rene Rivera for the backup catcher job, can I?

That's pretty much it. If you're really bored, go check out this Doug Miller feature piece on Fernando Vina. Included is this wonderful gem of a quote:
"He's scrappy and he's always finding a way to get on base. You need to have guys like that on winning teams. As a pitcher, you hate facing guys like him."

-Washburn, on Vina

Vina hasn't found a way to get on base since 2001. He's also made a career out of posting some of the lowest pitches-per-PA ratios in baseball. Pitchers hate facing guys who get themselves out on three pitches all the time? What, do they want it to somehow get easier? Talk about lazy.