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Lazy Saturday

...and since I probably won't be around to throw up a link to today's box score (at this writing, the Giants are beating the Mariners 12-1 in the seventh inning), try this on for size.

DUNEDIN, Fla. -- After throwing just one pitch in the second inning, starter A.J. Burnett was removed from the game against the Red Sox on Saturday for precautionary reasons due to an injury in his elbow.

Burnett, who signed a five-year, $55 million deal with Toronto in December, threw just 18 pitches before Toronto pitching coach Brad Arnsberg and a team trainer met with him on the mound. The right-hander left the game and headed to the Blue Jays clubhouse.

The biggest question about AJ Burnett all winter long regarded his risk of significant re-injury; everybody knew about his stuff, but if he's never healthy enough to throw it, then who really cares? It certainly didn't take long to validate those concerns. Reports thus far have Burnett's removal from the game as being precautionary more than anything else, but this is a guy who completely devastated his elbow three years ago, so the Jays have to be worried. This is a pretty lousy way to kick off a monster contract.

On a tangentially related note, check out these ugly mechanics. You talk about your overrotation. Not that it really matters for anything, but hot diggity damn, that picture makes my labrum weep in agony.

Anyway, Burnett. And Mariners. Discuss.