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Tuesday Wrap-Up

No time, so here's your basic info:

The Mariners beat the Cubs, 4-2. Jesse Foppert didn't get a blister or walk everyone this time around, but he did manage to cut his right ring finger and go three innings without a strikeout. Baby steps. George Sherrill had another forgettable appearance, and it's beginning to make me nervous - not because I'm doubting his ability, but because I'm getting the sinking feeling that Mike Hargrove might be. Richie Sexson hit his first homer of the spring, and Matt Lawton and Carl Everett each had two hits.

Adrian Beltre went 0-4 in the WBC against Venezuela.

Tomorrow: Kansas City. Scheduled to pitch are Jarrod Washburn, Eddie Guardado, JJ Putz, Matt Thornton, Rafael Soriano, and Emiliano Fruto.