It was fixed

No one wants to say it, because they love sports and don't want to lose the joy they get from it, because it admits too much about what one believes and what one can believe, because our culture casts conspiracy theorists as tin-foil cap wearing pseudo-intellectual recluses, because people will call you a nut case if you say it, because sports is supposed to be the one place were the better team wins, hard work and talent are rewarded, a place free from corruption, bias or motive; a bastion of justice in a world of corruption, bias and motive, but I'll say it: That game was fixed. I don't know exactly why, but I know how, I watched three hours of it unfold; the officials delivered that game to the Steelers. The kind of dirty feeling I was left with will make it hard to ever watch the NFL again, because what I watched last night wasn't sport, it was pro-wrestling. I get played the fool enough in my life; I don't need to do it on my free-time, too.

Here's saying goodbye to 20 years of Seahawks' fandom, it wasn't your fault `Hawks, but if that's how the NFL wants to run their sport, they've lost this fan.