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First Base Defense

You know the drill by now. David Pinto's PMR covers the spectrum from Tino Martinez to Olmedo Saenz as it completes its rankings of defensive players at the seven main positions. Here are a few names, along with outs above/below average per 150 games played:

Richie Sexson: -7.2
Tino Martinez: +39.1
John Olerud: +22.0
Mark Teixeira: +21.3
Darin Erstad: +12.0
Dan Johnson: -8.5
Carlos Delgado: -25.8
Jason Giambi: -26.7

Let's take a closer look at Sexson's 2005 performance in the field:

PMR: -7.2 outs
UZR: -18 runs
Range: -14 runs
Rally: -16 runs
Dial: -17 runs
Prospectus: -5 runs

When all the metrics agree like that, then you can be pretty sure that their collective conclusion is correct. Richie Sexson was not a good defensive player last year, and if 2000-2003 UZR data is to believed, he's never been close to as good as so many people claimed he was when he signed with the Mariners in the first place. Fortunately, he doesn't have to be, given that he plays first base and his bat is terrific, but it's worth pointing out.