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Gil Isn't Just Pitching Stupid


ORLANDO, Fla. - In a winter meetings stunner, free agent right-hander Gil Meche is close to signing with the Royals, has learned.

The deal is for 4 years and $45 million, according to MLB source. Both the Cubs and Blue Jays offered Meche deals for 4 years and $40 million, sources said.

Some career move. It's hard to blame Gil for chasing every last penny he could get - it's not like bank robbers ever demonstrate a sense of moderation - but at least the Cubs and Blue Jays have an outside shot of winning something in the next few years. Given their awesome division, the Royals, in the slightly modified words of my favorite hockey blogger, are "the fat friend that rolls with the four 10s Saturday night at the bar." If Seattle's window of opportunity is slim, Kansas City's doesn't exist, which makes me think Gil is taking this contract for entirely selfish reasons. Where else could he masquerade as a staff ace? It worked for Mark Redman.

I thought Dayton Moore was supposed to be smart.

Update: holy crap, FIVE years? Gil's agent is about to get a ton of new client applications.