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A Brief History


Padres Who Became Crappy Mariners

Al Martin
Sean Burroughs (assumed)
Ben Davis
Wiki Gonzalez
Wascar Serrano
Alex Arias
John Mabry
Kevin Jarvis
Dave Hansen
Vince Faison
RD Spiehs
Mike Bumstead
Miguel Ojeda
Natanael Mateo

Padres Who Became Decent/Good Mariners

Jon Huber
Dave Hansen

Mariners Who Became Crappy Padres

Tom Davey
John Mabry
Jeff Cirillo
Dave Hansen
Wilson Valdez
Tom Lampkin
Brett Tomko
Justin Leone
Ramon Vazquez
Randy Williams

Mariners Who Became Decent/Good Padres

Rich Aurilia
Brian Sweeney
Miguel Olivo
Gene Kingsale

(NOTE: none of these players endured as successful Padres for more than a half season)


Sometimes two front offices get along really well and like to work with one another. Sometimes no one knows why.