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You have to watch one of the biggest busts in recent draft history.

I don't have anything to say about Sean Burroughs, really, except that a few years ago Kevin Towers compared his batting style to a guy swinging a tennis racket, and for some reason that's stuck with me. For a fatass he's developed remarkably little power, preferring instead to slap groundballs around the infield and try to beat them out with his Ron Cey shuffle. His offense has completely and utterly stagnated since breaking into professional baseball as an 18 year old, and at this point he's essentially a lost cause. I can't help but think Nick Lachey is somehow involved in all of this.

At 26 you'd think Burroughs still has hope, but honestly, no, I don't think he does. He had all the talent in the world when he was drafted but he never bothered to work to get better, and you know what they say about people changing (they don't). Not that I'm at all upset about this, because it's just Tacoma and I suppose there are worse gambles than a former first-round draft pick, but don't try to read too far into this and see any Major League implications, because there aren't any. Sean Burroughs sucks, and even a front office as comically retarded as Seattle's can see that.

(On the other hand, Hell hath no fury like a Hunter Brown scorned, so this might get interesting.)