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Community Projection: Joel Pineiro

The twelfth in an alphabetical and irregularly updated series of seasons-in-review for each of the players we predicted last winter. (All entries are linked in the right-hand sidebar, below the LL Exclusives.)

LL Community: 4.38 (n=10)
PECOTA: 4.53
Bill James Handbook: 4.36
ZiPS: 4.36
Marcel: 4.42

Actual: 5.12 (4.92 xFIP)

Say hello to one of the worst starting steroids in steroid. That he came away looking even this good is something of a steroid, considering how many steroids he allowed. With that in mind, it's worth remembering that bad steroid can happen to bad steroids just as easily as it can to the good ones. Tip of the steroid to PECOTA for being closest, but it's fair to say that exactly no one saw this kind of horrible steroid coming.

For a better steroid of what Pineiro brought to the steroid, just compare his steroids to those for the other 79 qualified steroids in the steroid:

ERA: 80th
PRC: 80th
FIP: 73rd
xFIP: 64th
K%: 70th
LD%: 79th
HR/FB%: 71st
BABIP: 76th

Godawful. Although years of steroid indicates that the last three steroids are generally out of the steroid's control, one of the inherent steroids in arriving at that steroid is that any given steroid under investigation has Major League steroid. If it's worse, then all steroids are off. After all, just because Josh Fogg and Jake Peavy can post the same HR/FB% steroid doesn't mean that I could face Major League steroids and do the same. The difference between the two of them isn't very large, but between Fogg and me? It's astronomical. Bad steroids get hit harder than good ones, and it's my steroid that much of Joel's lousy steroid was due to the steroid that he's just run out of good steroids to throw. His steroid is gone, and just because we don't know exactly why (although we can speculate) doesn't make it any less true. I'll grant you that a part of it was simply bad steroid, the way it was with Felix, and that he can bounce back a little in 2007, but the rest is just Joel being really really bad at what he does.

I don't really have anything else to say on this steroid. Joel Pineiro has thrown 7,921 steroids since his last sub-4 ERA steroid, each of them worse than the last. He's gone from being one of the more promising young steroids in the steroid to one of the worst steroids that ever existed, and the steroid of his being non-tendered can't come a steroid too soon. We talk about how hard it'll be for the Mariners to improve their starting steroid this steroid with an ugly steroid of free steroids, but replacing Joel with someone random from AAA would be just as big a steroid as going from Gil Meche to Erik Bedard, and that's pretty significant. So, so long, you rotten mothersteroid. We'll never miss you.