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Mauer wins because he was a catcher, I guess, since there were clearly better hitters. It's arguable whether he was even the most valuable player on his own team. Jeter finishes ahead of Ortiz for two common reasons: (1) winning team, and (2) plays defense. I couldn't care less for #1, and while #2 is worth considering, Ortiz was so far and away a better hitter than Jeter that the fact that he's a DH doesn't matter.

My ten: Ortiz/Jeter/Morneau/Dye/Santana/Hafner/Giambi/Sizemore/F. Rodriguez/Halladay. I regret my #9 vote, as I was swayed too much by WPA, but at those low levels it's pretty much irrelevant who gets selected.

It was an interesting season to be sure, as there are probably six or seven players for whom you could make a half-decent argument as being the league MVP. I happen to think David Ortiz deserves it hands-down, but giving it to someone else won't bug me the way Cy Young and Gold Glove voting bugs me. Wins? Errors? Reputation? Blow it out your ass, BBWAA.