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SBN Cy Young Voting

To get right to the results:

I had mine ranked Santana/Halladay/Sabathia. Johan was pretty much a no-doubter for the top position (as you can see, he was the unanimous choice among AL bloggers), and Halladay slid easily into the #2 slot. #3, however, was all over the place, with votes going to reasonable candidates like Chien-Ming Wang to silly choices like Justin Duchscsdfweiury289723_)%. I settled on Sabathia because he had the third-best ERA and FIP in the league, but any number of pitchers probably would've worked just as well.

Nowhere to be found on the list: Felix Hernandez. Obviously this isn't any sort of surprise, but if you told me that this was how it'd turn out back in April, I would've popped you and cried. Of course, his 3.56 xFIP was fourth-best in the Majors, so maybe...