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More Fun With PMR

David Pinto's a busy guy these days, and he's pushing out his year-end PMR reports pretty quick.

First Basemen:

Top: Kendry Morales
Top Everyday Player: Albert Pujols
Bottom: Jason Giambi
Bottom Everyday Player: Sean Casey? Zuh?
Mariners: Richie Sexson, 33rd out of 45

Center Fielders:

Top: Ichiro!
Top Everyday Player: Carlos Beltran
Bottom: Jeremy Reed
Bottom Everyday Player: Ken Griffey Jr.
Mariners: Ichiro, 1st out of 43; Reed, 43rd out of 43

I'm as surprised as you are. I knew Reed's glove was overrated, but I had no idea it could come out looking this awful (the necessary caveat being that this is only one metric, of course). Ichiro, meanwhile...well, in center, he's one of the more valuable players in baseball. He's very, very good, and you should pay no heed to those who claim otherwise.