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SBN Managers Of The Year

Same deal as yesterday with the ROY. I'd ignore the Buddy Bell throwaway vote if I were you, although who knows, maybe the Royals actually overachieved.

I had my top three ranked as Gardenhire/Leyland/Scioscia (remember, ballots were filled out prior to the playoffs). Leyland has gotten a ton of credit for everything the Tigers accomplished this year, but where his group tanked in the second half and blew an enormous division lead, Gardenhire's team went in the opposite direction and played some of the best baseball of anyone down the stretch despite Liriano's absence and Radke's disfigurement. Jim Leyland's good, but I'm not buying all the hype.

Scioscia's up there because he took a team that wasn't very good and made it competitive. I guess nobody else agreed with me. How Joe freaking Torre got four votes I'll never know.