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10/11: Open Playoff Thread

First Pitch: 5:19pm PDT



First Pitch: 5:19pm PDT?


I was going to make a joke about how the end of the Tigers is nigh, what with one of Ramontiago/Neifi Perez/Omar Infante having to be in the lineup every day for the rest of the series due to Sean Casey's injury, but, man, Sean Casey really sucks. Starting Infante actually makes them a little better, which has to be positively terrifying to both Oakland and the guy who thought it would be a good idea to trade for Sean Casey in the first place. Playoff teams aren't supposed to lose their first basemen and improve.

Oh, and the NLDS game might be has been postponed, which is fine with me. For what reason I just can't get into that matchup at all, even though it features four or five of the top position players in the league. It's hard to root for Jeff Weaver to get so ripped on cheeba that he starts throwing David Eckstein instead of the ball and maintain a steady level of interest as if you think it actually has a chance of happening. On the other hand, the fact that Weaver's still pitching (on Anaheim's dime, no less) while the Angels crowd around Darin Erstad's hospital bed to watch the playoffs on TV absolutely slays me. So that's nice.