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10/1: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 1:05pm PDT


Kinsler 2B Ichiro CF DeRosa LF Beltre 3B Young SS Johjima C Teixeira DH Ibanez LF Barajas 1B Sexson DH Hairston CF Broussard 1B Ojeda C Lopez 2B Cruz RF Snelling RF Arias 3B Betancourt SS ---------- ----------

Tejeda (5-4, 4.19)          Woods (6-4, 4.27)

A few ways Adrian Beltre can push his final OPS over .800:

3-4, 4+ total bases
2-4, 5+ total bases
2-3, 4+ total bases, 1 BB
3-5, 5+ total bases

The list kind of goes on like that. Not that it really makes much of a difference; while everybody likes round numbers, Beltre doesn't have to reach .800 for his season to be considered a success, because his park-adjusted line of .273/.339/.497 is strong, and enough to make him one of the better third basemen in baseball when you combine it with his stellar defense. He's always going to be among the streakiest players alive, but at the end, when he comes out looking like this, it's hard to be disappointed.

Welcome to the end game. Tomorrow's going to suck.