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Mariner Chat Room, Volume Two

MJMorse32282: Hey all
JrmyRd58: heyy
CompassionateCarl: Evening!
thegoodJ-Lo: Como você está fazendo?
MJMorse32282: I don't get it
CompassionateCarl: I saw the cutest little dog this morning when I was getting the paper.
thegoodJ-Lo: Eu sou desgastado. É sido um dia longo.
CompassionateCarl: He looked right at me with those sweet little eyes, and when I bent down to pet him he licked my hand!
JrmyRd58: total wtf
MJMorse32282: Kenji here yet?
JrmyRd58: prolly not yet
CompassionateCarl: I couldn't go inside to wash off though, because I spotted the most heavenly lilac in the corner of the garden.
MJMorse32282: Why the heck not?
thegoodJ-Lo: Eu não gosto de algum de você povos.
JrmyRd58: still at dinner
MJMorse32282: But we left an hour and a half ago
CompassionateCarl: It was a deep purple, and smelled of a fresh mountain meadow...
JrmyRd58: yea he said he had to use the can but hes wierd about that
thegoodJ-Lo: Esta é a conversação a mais má de toda a hora.
MJMorse32282: How's that?
JrmyRd58: he cant go when theres people near him so he like waits until everyones gone
MJMorse32282: And it's taken him this long?
JrmyRd58: busy restaurant i guess
MJMorse32282: I thought only kids got stagefright
JrmyRd58: youd be surprised
CompassionateCarl: I visited a meadow once, for a picnic lunch with my best girl Ashley.
thegoodJ-Lo: Eu devo provavelmente apenas sair.
a_sexy_girl_2469: 19/f, see my webcam at <3
MJMorse32282: "CompassionateCarl"?
J-RodWashburn has entered the room
JrmyRd58: well looky here its richie rich
WillieTheKid2006: HI JARROD REMEMBER ME?!?!!!!!!!!11111111
JrmyRd58: hows your mansion rich boy
MJMorse32282: Enjoying your Beluga caviar?
JrmyRd58: equestrian polo!
MJMorse32282: Monocles!
JrmyRd58: tophats!
MJMorse32282: Republicanism!
JrmyRd58: four knives with dinner!
J-RodWashburn: Do we have to do this every time?
Jeff_Harris_1974: I hate you.
J-RodWashburn has left the room
CompassionateCarl: You guys weren't very kind to our new teammate.
Jeff_Harris_1974 has left the room
JrmyRd58: you know you arent fooling anyone
CompassionateCarl: I don't understand.
MJMorse32282: This whole act, we can see right through it
JrmyRd58: seriously
CompassionateCarl: I don't know what you're talking about.
thegoodJ-Lo: É realmente óbvio, mas o que quer que.
JrmyRd58: hey mike you know what band i like
CompassionateCarl: This isn't going to work.
MJMorse32282: Who's that?
WillieTheKid2006: I LISTEN TO BON JOVI ALL THE TIME!11!1111
JrmyRd58: dinosaur jr
MJMorse32282: Yeah, I saw them over the summer, they're all right
CompassionateCarl: You think you're so clever...
MJMorse32282: You know who's better though?
JrmyRd58: shoot
MJMorse32282: Mastodon
CompassionateCarl: :whistling:
PlatinumSandfrog has entered the room
JrmyRd58: yea mastodon rocks
PlatinumSandfrog: You know who else rocks?
PlatinumSandfrog: Sandfrog.
PlatinumSandfrog: Yeah, we had our differences, but those guys kick some serious ass.
PlatinumSandfrog: So, how are things?
PlatinumSandfrog: I miss you guys a bunch. I had a blast in Seattle.
PlatinumSandfrog: What about you guys?
PlatinumSandfrog: Feel the same way?
PlatinumSandfrog: Maybe different?
PlatinumSandfrog: Yeah, it was a good time, I'd love to be back there next summer.
PlatinumSandfrog: I guess I need to show that I can hit a little, huh?
PlatinumSandfrog: Haha
PlatinumSandfrog: It was rough, but I know I've still got something left in the tank.
PlatinumSandfrog: Well take it easy guys, I'll talk to you later.
PlatinumSandfrog: Bye
PlatinumSandfrog has left the room
thegoodJ-Lo: Eu odeio esse homem assim muito.
JrmyRd58: so, yea, mastodon
MJMorse32282: "March of the Fire Ants" was such an incredible video
MJMorse32282: I like Dinosaur Jr. but they've got nothing on Mastodon
JrmyRd58: def agree
CompassionateCarl: Seriously, this is lame.
MJMorse32282: But you know what...
MJMorse32282: You know who might be my favorite band of all time?
CompassionateCarl: Nobody cares...
WillieTheKid2006: SHOT THROUGH THE HEART!!11
JrmyRd58: whos that
CompassionateCarl: Don't do it, Mike.
MJMorse32282: T.Rex.
JrmyRd58: oh yea my dad likes t.rex
CompassionateCarl: Come on.
MJMorse32282: Yep, T.Rex, one of the biggest bands to ever walk the Earth
JrmyRd58: absolutely
JrmyRd58: t.rex
JrmyRd58: big, walked the earth
MJMorse32282: Damn straight
CompassionateCarl: Oh you guys think you're soooooooo ****ing funny don't you, well let me tell you something chief, you're not funny, you're a ****ing dick is what you are
MJMorse32282: You know the thing about T.Rex's lead singer though
JrmyRd58: huh
MJMorse32282: If he were still alive, he'd be 59 next year
JrmyRd58: damn
JrmyRd58: what an old fossil
CompassionateCarl: **** you
MJMorse32282: They say he invented glam rock
JrmyRd58: you mean like bowie
MJMorse32282: Yeah, exactly. Anyone who wears that much makeup on stage must be gayer than Christmas, but that's fine with me, he made good music
CompassionateCarl: I'm gonna cut you, I'm gonna cut you dead
CompassionateCarl has left the room
JrmyRd58: hahahahhahahahaha
JrmyRd58: :high five:
MJMorse32282: Well played
thegoodJ-Lo: Eu admitirei, você joguei-o bem.
thegoodJ-Lo: Agora eu tenho que sair. Tenha uma noite boa.
JrmyRd58: l8r jose
thegoodJ-Lo has left the room
MJMorse32282: Why was he speaking Portuguese?
JrmyRd58: i gtg now
MJMorse32282: All right, take it easy man
JrmyRd58: peace
JrmyRd58 has left the room
WillieTheKid2006: YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME!!!!!!!!111111111
MJMorse32282 has left the room
PlatinumSandfrog has entered the room
PlatinumSandfrog: Hey guys, I forgot, would anyone maybe want to come to the cages with me tomorrow?
PlatinumSandfrog: Anyone?
PlatinumSandfrog: Willie?
WillieTheKid2006 has left the room
PlatinumSandfrog: Ok, well just let me know if you change your mind. Later guys.
PlatinumSandfrog has left the room