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Center Field Defense

More of David Pinto's PMR...

Some interesting players, in outs - NOT runs - above/below average per 150 games:

Jeremy Reed: -2.8 outs
Jason Ellison: +40.3
Andruw Jones: +25.1
Vernon Wells: -7.3
Bernie Williams: -32.9
Ken Griffey Jr.: -47.1
Mark Kotsay: -11.1
Torii Hunter: -6.1
Randy Winn: +0.5

Note/update: as briefly explained earlier, these are being left in out form - rather than converted to runs - because it's incredibly difficult to say what kind of hit a ball would've been had it not been caught. For middle infielders, more than 98% of the un-fielded balls hit in their area go for singles, so that's easy. For outfielders, the calculations aren't nearly as simple, so any run value we'd get would only be a rough approximation, whereas it's a lot more accurate for infielders.