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9/27: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Matthews Jr. CF             Ichiro RF
Young SS                    Reed CF
Teixeira 1B                 Ibanez LF
Blalock 3B                  Sexson 1B
Soriano 2B                  Beltre 3B
Mench RF                    Dobbs DH
Gonzalez DH                 Lopez 2B
Botts LF                    Betancourt SS
Barajas C                   Torrealba C

----------                  ----------

Loe (9-5, 3.39)             Hernandez (4-4, 2.63)

Kameron Loe is what you get when you take Felix Hernandez's statistical profile and remove the strikeouts. He's a groundball pitcher with good control, exactly the kind of guy the Rangers need to stockpile, and he's easily the best bet going forward of any current member of the Texas staff. But he's no Felix. The King's looking to make up for that ugly start he had 11 days ago against the same ballclub. I'm guessing he does it.