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9/25: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 10:05am PDT



Ichiro RF Granderson CF Betancourt SS Polanco 2B Ibanez LF Shelton DH Sexson 1B Pena 1B Beltre 3B Monroe RF Lopez 2B Thames LF Morse DH Inge 3B Choo CF Wilson C Torrealba C McDonald SS ----------                  ----------

Meche (10-8, 5.16)          Maroth (13-13, 4.85)

Because the Tigers are so bad, and because he posted a fluke ERA in the low-4's a year ago, Mike Maroth is often confused with a talented young pitcher. He's not. He's a 28 year old junkballing lefty who never strikes anyone out, and a classic example of the inverse relationship between a pitcher's stuff and his perceived mental makeup. Like any southpaw who tops out in the mid-80s, he gets the inevitable Moyer comparisons, except Jamie is good, and historically unique on top of that. Scott Karl might be more appropriate. Which means he'll probably shut our asses out today.