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Second Base Production

A quick look at the production levels from the three players who have been labeled the starting second baseman at some point this season.

Percentage of hits that fall for XB:
Boone - 40%
Bloomquist - 27%
Lopez - 41%

HR per AB:
Boone - 1:39
Bloomquist - 0:249
Lopez - 1:90

Boone - .154
Bloomquist - .076
Lopez - .122

Fielding % / RAA2:
Boone - .979 / -3
Bloomquist - .986 / 1
Lopez - .979 / 2

Second base has been a black hole this season. Boone was a lost cause at the plate and in the field. He completely lost whatever confidence was left and his once playful arrogance became a lot less playful and a lot more annoying. Bloomquist proved that even a blind squirrel can find a nut, as he lit up AL pitching in July, only to trip over his shoelaces in August. Lopez hasn't been much better, but the Mariners are a better team when he is on field. The fact that he is only 21 and has a potentially bright future ahead of him makes him the lesser of three evils. Thanks to WFB's injury, Lopez has been given another chance this season and it's time for him to step up and embrace this opportunity. His spot on the 2006 roster might depend on it.