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9/15: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 5:05pm PDT



Ichiro RF Dellucci LF Reed CF Young SS Ibanez LF Teixeira 1B Sexson 1B Blalock 3B Beltre 3B Soriano "2B" Dobbs DH Mench RF Lopez 2B Gonzalez DH Betancourt SS Matthews Jr. CF Torrealba C Laird C ----------                  ----------

Harris (2-3, 4.04)          Loe (8-5, 3.55)

How has Loe managed to keep his ERA so low despite having a below-average strikeout rate (12.8%) and pitching for Texas? Why, groundballs, of course - his GB/FB ratio of 2.37 is among the best in the league, helping him avoid the perils of pitching in Ameriquest as much as is humanly possible (this is how Ryan Drese got through the 2004 season, after all). Oh, but he's also been lucky. .268 BABIP. Jeff Harris could tell Loe a little bit about how long that kind of thing lasts.