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9/12: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Figgins 3B Ichiro RF Cabrera SS Reed CF Anderson LF Ibanez LF Guerrero RF Sexson 1B Erstad DH Beltre 3B Molina C Dobbs DH Kotchman 1B Lopez 2B Finley CF Betancourt SS Kennedy 2B Torrealba C ----------                  ----------

Santana (8-7, 4.87)         Pineiro (6-9, 5.43)

Ervin Santana on the year:

The guy's made 18 starts this year. In terms of runs allowed, you could say that he was real good in ten of them, and real bad in six. There's not much middle ground there. The end result of it all is the easiest "young phenom shows flashes of brilliance" article ever written. Seriously. It just about writes itself.

Oh, and Joel's been pretty good of late, too. Neato.