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8/8: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Stewart LF                  Ichiro RF
Punto 2B                    Bloomquist 2B
Mauer C                     Ibanez DH
LeCroy DH                   Sexson 1B
Jones RF                    Beltre 3B
Ford CF                     Reed CF
Morneau 1B                  Morse SS
Tiffee 3B                   Snelling LF
Bartlett SS                 Torrealba C

----------                  ----------

Silva (7-5, 3.27)           Meche (10-8, 5.04)

Carlos Silva has walked seven batters all year. Seriously. Gil Meche walked six in 4.2 innings on June 30th. Silva also has one of the lowest strikeout rates for an effective pitcher as you'll ever see, so prepare for a bunch of balls in play tonight. Last time he faced the Mariners, he didn't walk or strike out a single batter in seven innings, allowing just one run on nine hits. It'd be great if that didn't happen again.