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8/3: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 4:05pm PDT



Ichiro RF                   Polanco 3B
Bloomquist 2B               Guillen SS
Ibanez LF                   Shelton 1B
Sexson 1B                   Ordonez RF
Beltre 3B                   White DH
Morse DH                    Rodriguez C
Reed CF                     Young LF
Betancourt SS               Monroe CF
Gonzalez C                  Infante 2B

----------                  ----------

Meche (10-7, 4.70)          Maroth (8-11, 4.57)

I like to think of Mike Maroth's career as Jorge Campillo's 40th percentile performance (nevermind the handedness difference). He doesn't miss many bats with his C-grade repertoire, but he stays around the zone and gets a few groundballs (not that you'd be able to guess that based on his home run rate). As for Meche, if he's bad when healthy, how's he going to pitch with a sore shoulder? Whatever. It's Yuniesky Betancourt's world; we're just living in it.