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8/20: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 4:37pm PDT



Ichiro RF                   Stewart LF
Bloomquist 2B               Abernathy 2B
Ibanez LF                   Mauer C
Sexson 1B                   Morneau 1B
Beltre 3B                   LeCroy DH
Reed CF                     Jones RF
Dobbs DH                    Ford CF
Betancourt SS               Cuddyer 3B
Torrealba C                 Bartlett SS

----------                  ----------

Hernandez (2-1, 0.86)       Lohse (8-11, 4.17)

Felix is going to dominate the Twins, per usual, and it will be a good night.

It will be an even better night because there's no chance that we'll see Scott Spiezio's sorry ass at the plate for a critical at bat. Bill Bavasi ate more than $3m in giving Spiezio his walking papers, and for good reason - his final line as a Mariner was .198/.272/.324, a reasonable approximation of the Jeff Cirillo of yore. Spiezio's replacement, Greg Dobbs, will be a marked improvement even if he resumes hitting like he did earlier in the year, when his OPS was .179 points better than that of the recently departed. There's also a bit of residual promise there, as Dobbs has been beating the crap out of the PCL since being sent down.

The other interesting bit of news today is that the team has finally grown weary of Gil Meche, and it sounds like he'll be pulled from the rotation. Look for Jeff Harris to get the call and take Meche's next start (they're on the same schedule, as both started last night).