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Strong and Ojeda to Seattle

As expected, Jamal Strong was called up, but he's bringing a friend. Miguel Ojeda is coming along as Wiki Gonzalez has been sent back down to Tacoma.

Bringing Ojeda up doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but there is a distinct possibility that Gonzalez made someone mad. His reputation of being both lazy and a jerk is hard-earned, and we could be seeing that first hand. More likely though, they're just shaking things up for the sake of shaking them up. A Torrealba/Gonzalez combo is going to produce about as much as a Torreabla/Ojeda duo. It's still certainly better than Olivo/Borders, thankfully.

Hargrove mentioned that there is no "#1" catcher in Seattle at the moment, and they need to take a look "at this kid". Ojeda is 30, and he's not a #1 catcher in AAA. So, no one knows what he's thinking.