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Today's Fun Fact*

* -is this becoming a daily feature? Hell if I know.

Since becoming something of a permanent fixture on the pitching staff during the summer of 2001, Joel Pineiro has induced 95 double plays in 558 opportunities (defined by Baseball Prospectus as situations with "less than two outs with runner(s) on first, first and second, or first second and third"), for a rate of 17.0%. The standard AL rate is around 12.8%, a mark which Pineiro has exceeded (rather significantly) in each of the past five years despite being a neutral (read: not groundball-oriented) pitcher.

2001: +2.22 more DP's than expected
2002: +8.74
2003: +2.16
2004: +4.25
2005: +6.49

In sum, Joel has recorded nearly 24 more double plays than expected since 2001.

Mariner pitchers since 2001 who have bested Pineiro's 17.0% five-year rate in a single season, given 40+ opportunities:

Shigetoshi Hasegawa, 2002, 20.0%
James Baldwin, 2002, 19.5%
Arthur Rhodes, 2002, +18.2%
Shigetoshi Hasegawa, 2003, +28.3%
Bobby Madritsch, 2004, +17.8%