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8/5/2001, Revisited

Don't click through if you're squeamish.

Some people consider it to be the game that cost the 2001 Mariners the all-time single-season win record. Nevermind that there were 45 other losses to choose from - this one was memorable, in that the team's historic collapse was shown on national television for all to see. Gone was the sense of wonder and amazement people had when they glanced at the top of the standings; for the rest of the year, all we ever heard was "how good can a team be when it blows a twelve-run lead in the seventh?"

Seattle would bounce back the next day, beating Cleveland and going 36-15 the rest of the way, but the invulnerability and mystique were gone, and the season would end in New York for the second consecutive October without so much as a whimper. The Mariners were instantly branded as a regular season team that couldn't get it done when it mattered, and they haven't returned to the playoffs since. Organizational turning point? In more ways than one.

Biggest Contribution: Tom Lampkin, +17.2%
Biggest Suckfest: Kazuhiro Sasaki, -47.8%
Most Important Hit: Lampkin double, +17.1%
Most Important Pitch: Vizquel triple, -53.9%
Total Contribution by Pitcher(s): -62.6%
Total Contribution by Hitters: +19.9%

(What is this?)