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7/8: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT



Ichiro RF                   Figgins 3B
Winn LF                     Erstad 1B
Ibanez DH                   Guerrero RF
Sexson 1B                   Anderson LF
Beltre 3B                   Molina C
Bloomquist CF               Rivera DH
Morse SS                    Izturis SS
Lopez 2B                    DaVanon CF
Borders C                   Kennedy 2B

----------                  ----------

Moyer (7-3, 4.58)           Washburn (5-3, 3.06)

Jamie Moyer goes for his 200th career win against Willie Ballgame's personal punching bag. Washburn's ERA is terrific, but his peripherals tell a different story - his walks are up and his strikeouts are down from last year, when his ERA was more than a run and a half higher. What he does do well is keep left-handed batters in check, but he can be exposed against righties, which should make things a little easier for Beltre/Sexson. As for Jamie, the key will be keeping the ball away from Vladimir Guerrero's wheelhouse, which is roughly the size of Delaware.