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As fans of the Seattle Mariners, let us all remember Bret Boone for his glory days in Seattle blue and not for his 2005 campaign. He was a crucial member of the record setting 2001 club and thrilled Seattle fans with his jaw dropping defense, his bat flips signifying another homerun and quips in the local papers. Yes, we rode his case at times this season, but sometimes you don't realize what you had until it is gone.

Yesterday signified a new era in Seattle baseball. Boone helped to bridge the Mariner teams of the early 2000's with the Mariner teams of the future. Teams that will have Richie Sexson and Adrian Beltre carrying the torch until the process will inevitably occur again.

So good luck Bret Boone from Lookout Landing and here's hoping that your bat flips bring the same joy to fans of your new team as they did in Seattle.