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Breaking Trade News

Randy Winn has been traded to the San Francisco Giants for Jesse Fopert and Yorvit Torrealba. Details forthcoming.

[Update] - This is a trade that developed legs at some point yesterday and came together this morning. The Giants came out of nowhere with this offer, leapfrogging the Astros and Cardinals. Ironically, the Giants have an identical record as the Mariners but sit 6.5 back of the Padres in the weak NL West and are apparently buyers.

Randy Winn, a solid player who made numerous contributions in his stay here in Seattle, was unfortunately redundant and with Chris Snelling leading the PCL in hitting, trading him was inevitable. This package easily beats the other packages that were being discussed and Bill Bavasi did a terrific job.

Just a couple seasons ago, Jesse Foppert was one of the Giants brightest prospects. He repeatedly worked in the mid-to-upper 90?s and was looking like a potential front of the rotation starter. Foppert put together some terrific minor league numbers (11.4 K/9) and was named the Giants top prospect in 2003 by Baseball America. Tommy John surgery in September ended his 2003 season and he spent the majority of 2004 rehabbing. Since his return from Tommy John surgery, he has struggled a bit with his command but he has a smooth, compact delivery and there is a good chance these numbers will improve. This year, he has been plagued by some injuries (albeit minor) such as a blister and a neck strain. Foppert will more than likely be sent to Tacoma as he just came off the DL on the 25th and might need a couple starts to get back into the flow.

Foppert?s star may not be as bright as it was a couple seasons ago, but with a little elbow grease, it could easily shine again. To use an oft used baseball clich?, a change of scenery could also do him some good. As long as he continues to put Tommy John surgery in the rearview mirror, the M?s should have a good pitcher to plug into their rotation or bullpen.

Yorvit Torrealba is your toolsy scout?s dream although statheads like him too. There is no denying that Torrealba instantly becomes the best defensive catcher on the team and he has done a terrific job limiting stolen bases over his career. The Giants have been reluctant to deal Torrealba in the past, but with Mike Matheny signed for a couple more seasons, they obviously felt they could part with him. Torrealba has a real good chance to take over as the regular catcher for the rest of the season where he should be solid behind the plate and mediocre/average at the dish. He isn?t someone to get overly excited about, but he should be a solid addition now and for the future.

In other trade news, Jamie Moyer rejected a deal that would have sent him to the Houston Astros in exchange for two pitching prospects. Will Carroll reports that one of the prospects would have been Fernando Nieve. The team has also asked Moyer which teams he would accept a trade to and the chances of him being dealt have increased substantially in the past two days.

The four alarm Red Sox/Mets/Devil Rays mega deal is apparently just a pile of ashes now. But out of ashes does a phoenix rise, so anything can happen. The Red Sox have apparently turned their attention elsewhere, trading for Jose Cruz and looking to bolster their bullpen and rotation. There were some rumblings that they were expressing some serious interest in Eddie Guardado last night and this morning, but might be balking at the asking price and Guardado?s desire for the GF clause in his contract to be reworked. If I?m the M?s, I give the team acquiring Eddie and an additional $1 million as a thank you to Guardado for his performance and to make sure a deal gets done.

The Marlins want Ron Villone and the Mariners have asked for two of the following: Scott Olsen, Justin Vargas, Yorman Bazardo. That isn?t going to happen, although last I heard, the M?s might be able to pry one of them away in exchange for Villone and some cash. Either one of those arms would be amazing, as they all have seen time in the majors this season and could be ready to contribute on a regular basis next season (Olsen might be the closest to the majors).

Roster news - Jamal Strong should be called up to fill in the spot in the outfield until Snelling is eligible to return. Strong will be able to play centerfield until Jeremy Reed is able to return and then slide over to left...Either Wiki or Olivo will be sent to the minors to make room for Torrealba, with Olivo being the likely candidate...Felix Hernandez WILL join the club in the next couple days and could take over one of the vacant rotation spots.

More updates as we get them, but if this is the only deal the M?s make (which is highly unlikely) give Bavasi some credit. He delivered.